Sustainable Development, Management and Policy


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Letztes Update: 19.11.2020
Bereich: Management und Verwaltung 341, Umweltforschung 22
Umfang 4 Semester / 120 ECTS
Studienplätze: 30 / Jahr
Abschluss: Master of Science (MSc)
Kosten: 4.375€ / Semester

Über das Studium:

Be an influencer for future global challenges. Guided by expert faculty, students come to understand that effective implementation of sustainability strategies is a fundamental societal, economic, and environmental need. MU's prioritization of sustainability as an integral part of the university offers unique opportunities for students to gain hands-on learning experience.

Become an agent of change. The program is training a new generation of professionals who can confidently respond to future global sustainability challenges. Topics include stakeholder-specific implementation; public, private, and third sector implications; policy and governance-related issues; environmental and sustainable management issues, and economic development issues. 

Expand your knowledge with a specialization. Optional specializations offer students the flexibility to acquire a deeper insight into areas such as Entrepreneurship, Innovation and LeadershipInnovation and Experience Design for TourismSustainable Management and Governance, or Tourism and Services Management. In addition, students can take advantage of integrating a customized internship into their curriculum.

We challenge you to link theory with practice. Our students gain confidence through lively classroom debates and simulations which help remove sustainability from symbolic frames, challenging students to link theory directly with practice. Graduates will be ready to adapt skills learned both in and out of the classroom to future career challenges.

Key Facts

  • Among the world’s 25 top performing universities in top-cited publications (U-Multirank)
  • Multidisciplinary context, unique curriculum, and customized research opportunities 
  • Emphasis on critical thinking, collaborative learning, and addressing 21st-century challenges
  • Exposure to emerging eco-friendly conceptual tools and management skills
  • Small class sizes taught by key experts
  • Globally-oriented university environment with English as the instruction language
  • Graduates ready to fill in-demand positions in a wide variety of public and private organizations
  • Unique network of startups, industry partners and investors at the MU Startup Hub


Diesen Fächern begegnest du u.a. im Studienplan:

CSR, Data Analysis, Decision Making, E-Government, Ecological Economics, Ecotourism Management, Environmental Economics, Environmental Management, Environmental Sciences and Systems, European Union Policies, Evaluation, Green Business Strategies, Human Ecology, Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Leadership, Public Policy Analysis, Public Private Partnerships, Research Design, Social Network Analysis, Sustainability, Sustainable Development


Learn to analyze complex interrelationships. The program challenges its students to consider a wide spectrum of sustainability issues, with special attention given to their often complex interrelationships. Students learn the skills needed to design and implement sustainable development strategies on household, business, city, regional, and national levels. 

Sustainability from a multidisciplinary view. The program invites students from diverse backgrounds to explore sustainability through a multidisciplinary lens. It builds a high level of expertise among its graduates for analyzing conditions and problems related to sustainability and for effective solution design. Students are provided with a solid multidisciplinary background that draws on material from various fields including economics, governance, social psychology, environmental sciences, geography, and management.

Tailor-made education for your next career steps. Students from diverse academic and professional backgrounds are welcome in MU's Sustainable Development, Management, and Policy program. Current SDMP students have backgrounds in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, IT, and business. The MU admissions team counsels students from non-traditional backgrounds on what courses they might need to take in order to succeed in the MSc program.  

Berufsaussichten / Jobs:

MODUL University Vienna's MSc graduates will be ready to address the globalization and sustainability challenges of this millennium. The practice-driven program prepares graduates for scientific positions in a variety of public, non-profit, and private organizations. 

Potential careers

  • Scientific Positions
  • Public Policy Analyst
  • CSR Expert
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Product Research Analyst


Master applicants require a minimum of a three year university degree or equivalent including transcripts in a field preferably related to the desired Master studies.

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