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Letztes Update: 24.05.2019
Bereich: Management und Verwaltung 311
Umfang 4 Semester / 120 ECTS
Studienplätze: 60 / Jahr
Abschluss: Master of Science (MSc)
Kosten: prinzipiell keine Studiengebühr

Über das Studium:

The Master in Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control prepares tomorrow's executives for their role as organizational leaders. The program combines theory, practice, and instruction in relevant social skills, for an integrated approach to organizational leadership. Great emphasis is placed on developing the ability to identify new entrepreneurial opportunities and, based on that ability, creating strategies for achieving sustained success.

18th place for SIMC in QS ranking

SIMC came in 18th out of 135 programs ranked in the Masters in Management Ranking.The QS rankings are primarily based on data from surveys of academics and employers. SIMC received excellent scores in two of the five categories: “Employability (4),” which is based on a survey of 42,000 employers worldwide and graduates’ employment rates, and “Thought Leadership (6),” which mainly includes research output and reputation indicators. Please click the following link for details on the QS Business Masters Rankings.

The 21st century is characterized by challenges that are unique in the history of mankind. Technological advances and social developments, together with a high level of interconnectedness due to globalization and the continuous expansion of the Internet are dramatically changing the world's dynamics. Change is happening faster, in a more complex way, and occurs on a more profound level. As a result, management tasks have never before been as demanding as they are today.

Simultaneously, entrepreneurial opportunities have never before been as great and diverse as now. For executives to operate effectively in this promising yet risky economic environment, they need to be equipped with a broad range of knowledge, techniques, and skills. Tomorrow's leading executives will have to combine know-how in the areas of strategy, innovation, organization and change management, and have profound knowledge of how to manage and control business from a financial perspective. They will need analytic and creative skills, to think and act as entrepreneurs.

The Master in Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control offers a profound education to develop these necessary skills. The international oriented program combines theory, practice, and social and intercultural skills and bridges the gap between strategic management and entrepreneurship.


Selected students have the possibility to gain a double degree at one of 4 renowned partner universities. All SIMC students can spend a semester at one of WU's 130 partner universities for graduate students.

5 AREAS OF ELECTIVES - set your own direction

The flexible structure of the program does not only allow students to study abroad but also makes it possible to individualize their acquired qualification. Therefore, students choose 4 electives from a broad range of 5 different areas.

30 COUNTRIES STUDENTS COMING FROM - diverse student body

The international orientation of the program is complemented by students of up to 30 different nationalities and international guest lecturers in various courses and areas.



Diesen Fächern begegnest du u.a. im Studienplan:

Accounting, Business Law, Business Planning, Business Project, Business in the Global Economy, Consulting Project, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Global Strategy, Innovation Management, Leadership across cultures, Management of Public / Nonprofit / Supranational Organizations, Managing Business from a Financial Perspective, Managing Business from a Strategic Perspective, Managing Business from an Entrepreneurial Perspective, Managing Business from an Organizations & Governance Perspective, Organizational Design, Performance Management, Strategic Management


First Year

In the first semester foundation courses provide the basis for an in-depth understanding of how companies develop corporate and business strategies (strategy development) and how they can translate their strategies into employee action (strategy implementation). The second semester is dedicated to the contextualization and integration of the program's core subjects. You are provided with the opportunity to apply and deepen the knowledge gained from the introductory courses in a comprehensive way.

Second year

Building on this solid foundation you have the opportunity to specialize by choosing four out of numerous electives and start to prepare and write your master theses. In addition, a business project is organized in cooperation with our corporate partners which offers the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real life problems or a garage course is offered which allows you to develop your own start-up idea.

The program's flexible structure allows you to spend one or two semesters of your second year of studies at one of our prestigious partner universities. For selected students we provide the opportunity to join a double degree program. For more information please see Exchange and Double Degree.

Berufsaussichten / Jobs:

Our graduates are ideally prepared to take on executive positions in established companies and are provided with a toolkit that eventually enables them to found their own company.

After completing the program, students have learned to think and act as entrepreneurs and to actively contribute to organizations and lead them into the future. Our graduates are able to combine expertise in the areas of strategy, innovation, organization, and change management, as well as in managing and leading businesses from a financial perspective. This is the main reason why our alumni are employed in various industries and work in diverse functions.

Fortune 500 - 30%
Consulting - 20%
Entrepreneur/VC - 18%
Banking - 12%
Public - 10%
Academic - 4%
SME - 3%
Non-Profit - 3%

They typically assume the following roles/work in the following areas:

  • Management consulting
  • Corporate development/strategic management
  • Management control and financial management
  • Assistants to senior executives
  • Innovation management and organizational design

Several of our graduates apply their acquired entrepreneurial skills in real-life and found their own start ups.


We are looking for ambitious, highly motivated students with excellent qualifications and social skills. Show us convincingly that you are an apt candidate for participation in the master in Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control.

Procedure for application and enrolment:

  1. Online Application
  2. Selection
  3. Enrolment

In order to apply for the MSc in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control you have to fulfill the minimum requirements for application and to proof your aptitude for the program. In case one or more of the required proofs are missing, your application has to be rejected.

Minimum requirements for application

1. Relevant Bachelor's program:

Completion of or enrollment in a relevant Bachelor's program or other equivalent degree program at a recognized Austrian or foreign post-secondary institution. To be considered relevant, the completed program has to meet the following criteria:

  • Relevant Bachelor's program or other equivalent degree program (worth at least 180 ECTS credits). The Bachelor’s Programs in Business Law and in Business, Economics, and Social Sciences at Vienna University of Economics and Business are considered relevant.   

  • If you apply with an equivalent degree program, examinations have to be documented in the following subject: 45 ECTS credits have to be earned by passing exams in the field of business administration.

Please note: It is not necessary to have completed this program at the time of application, proof of completion of your first-degree program is not required until actual enrollment. Nevertheless the minimum requirements listed above have to be documented within the uploaded documents.

2. Sufficient proficiency in English:

  • English as native language

  • Full Bachelor's program done in English (at least three years, university confirmation required)

  • Full Master's program done in English (at least two years, university confirmation required)

  • One of the following certificates: valid TOEFL 100, valid IELTS 7.0, valid TOEIC 800, CAE (Certificate of Advanced English), CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English), Cambridge English: CAE, CPE or BEC Higher, UNIcert III

  • A certificate from a university language department confirming the applicant has achieved level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

  • Graduates of WU’s Bachelor´s program in Business Law and Bachelor´s program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences already fulfill this requirement.

3. Proof of aptitude (Selection criteria)

In addition to the minimum requirements you have to proof your aptitude for the Master's program. (The document indicated at item 1 has to be submitted at the time of application. In case this document is not uploaded in the online tool, your application will be rejected.)

  1. Proof of achievement potential: valid GMAT result *

  2. Communication skills, interpersonal competencies, international orientation (these skills will be tested within the interview)

* The GMAT result is obligatory for all applicants except WU students. WU students can submit the weighted grade point average (GPA) of all exams completed as part of the relevant study program instead of the GMAT. They can download the GPA confirmation as a PDF (see Tools & Services). But the GMAT is also highly recommended for WU students!

Applicants will be given sufficient advance notice by email of the date, time and location of the test and interview. Costs incurred by the applicants for the selection test and interview are non-refundable.

The best applicants get an admission offer which has to be accepted within 10 days.

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