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Letztes Update: 24.05.2019
Bereich: Management und Verwaltung 319
Umfang 4 Semester / 120 ECTS
Abschluss: Master of Science (WU), MSc (WU)
Kosten: prinzipiell keine Studiengebühr (außer ÖH-Beitrag)

Über das Studium:

The Master in International Management/CEMS is an exclusive international management program which combines two degrees into one 24-months program – WU’s MSc and the CEMS MIM. The program will provide you with the know-how and skills to succeed in a global business environment and to become a multicultural as well as multilingual leader.

Therefore, some of the core elements of the program are studying a term abroad at one of the exclusive partner schools, collecting work experience during an international internship and completing a business project as well as skills development workshops, many of which are co-designed by our experienced CEMS Corporate Partners. This enables our culturally diverse students to benefit from an international education providing them with the opportunity to have privileged access to the recruitment pool of highly renowned companies and to contribute to and benefit from the worldwide CEMS network.

One program, two degrees, countless opportunities

The Master in International Management/CEMS combines two degrees – WU’s Master in International Management (MSc) and the Master in International Management (CEMS MIM) offered by The Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS) – into one 24 month program.

A top program in International Management

WU obtained an outstanding 13th place with its Master’s Program in International Management (CEMS) in the 2018 Masters in Management ranking, issued by the renowned business daily Financial Times. WU has for the third time secured a place among the top institutions offering programs in management since it joined the global Masters in Management ranking.

The Financial Times ranking acknowledges WU and its Master in International Management not only as a top destination for excellent academic and practical education in international management, but also as one of the best value for money of all the business administration schools and programs ranked.

Further information on employment rateaverage salary and other factors can be found in the FT Ranking - Masters in Management 2018.

WU is CEMS School of the Year

Based on CEMS students evaluation of course offer, school administration, student services and CEMS Club activities (with an overall result of 4.25 on our 5 point scale) WU received the "CEMS School of the Year Award" during the CEMS Annual Events in December 2015. Aditionally WU won prices in the categories "Best Exclusive Course" (Phillip Nell: Managing and Analyzing Data for Business Decisions) and "Best International Business Project" (Jonas Puck, Thomas Lindner and Moritz Putzhammer in cooperation with A.T. Kearney). For more information please see WU's statement and a short article on the CEMS website.


Diesen Fächern begegnest du u.a. im Studienplan:

Cross-Cultural Management, Global Financial Management, Global Marketing Management, Global Strategic Management, International Business Project, International Management, Managing Globalization


The Master in International Management/CEMS is a two-year, full time program taught entirely in English. Students can expect to find various core components, such as an excellent management education, a term abroad at an elite partner school, hands-on business experience during an international internship and a capstone business project.

Students are absolutely free to select the elective courses and the term they wish to take them in. Our elective courses are divided into the following fields:

  • International Diversity Management

  • International Environments

  • International Functional Management

  • International Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • International Strategies and Organization

  • Research Methods in International Management

The list of elective courses offered as a part of our program is updated every semester since we are constantly trying to equip our students with knowledge about burning business topics. To find out which courses have been offered so far in the International Mangement/CEMS Program at WU, please consult the followingwebsite

Every semester we are pleased to welcome 30-40 students from CEMS Partner universities. Want to be one of them? Please find more details in our CEMS Fact Sheet.

In case of questions concerning semester dates, course registration etc. please do not hesitate to contact the WU CEMS Office ([email protected]).


After completion of this program (Master of Science (MSc) in International Management/CEMS), the graduates will have the necessary skills to:

  • reflect on problems from various theoretical perspectives and translate their theoretical knowledge into management decisions in practice.

  • critically analyze and evaluate management acts and decisions based on a general comprehension of organizational processes and the external environment (global markets in finance, labor, buyer markets, etc.).

  • speak at least two foreign languages with a high level of competence and handle discussions and negotiations in an international environment.

  • approach the solving of challenges in international management creatively, both individually and within a team.

  • lead international teams with a high level of intercultural and educational diversity and integrate him/herself in such teams.

  • understand the role of business in society and adhere to high ethical and moral standards.

  • communicate even complex issues and problem cases understandably and appropriately to both experts and laypeople.

  • follow and assess the development of new findings and approaches in international management using various media (academic publications, databases, scientific journals, etc.).

  • continuously develop their own skills and competences in the interest of life-long learning.

Berufsaussichten / Jobs:

Graduates of the CEMS/MIM program are qualified to form future generations of global business leaders and to enter a multilingual, multicultural and interconnected business world. The program’s broad, generalistic approach to management uniquely prepares its graduates for a wide variety of positions, e.g. in consulting, strategy, marketing, finance or human resources, and in particular for positions requiring an integrated, holistic knowledge of various business domains. Graduates are typically employed by multinational corporations, foreign subsidiaries, international consulting agencies, start-ups or non-profit organizations.


Our program is open to a selected group of students, who fulfill the admission requirements by having excellent academic records and showing a strong interest in working in a culturally diverse global environment. 

  1. Admission Requirements
  2. Online Application
  3. Selection 


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