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Über das Studium:

Internationally, the hotel and catering industry is known as being highly dynamic and largely resilient to economic waves. This sector has been a reliable provider of unlimited career opportunities, with ever growing expectations regarding the knowledge and skills required of the workforce in middle and upper management positions. Despite the phenomenal growth the hotel and catering industry has experienced in the last decade, the current challenges are evident: Traditional business models are questioned and hoteliers are pressured to keep up with developments in technology. Customers are informed about prices, products and competition better than ever before and thus become more demanding. Additionally, institutional investors have entered the playing field, asserting pressures on owners to generate an acceptable return on investment. The hospitality industry has long been perceived simply as a peoples’ industry with a main focus on effective service delivery. Without question, the social aspects of the hotel industry are still prevailing, yet the managerial challenges of this profession have gained in complexity.

In the specialization in Hotel Management students will study the industry with a particular focus on the supply side. Covering the asset life cycle of a hotel, students will devise and plan a hotel project in all facets. Current and emerging business and management models are analyzed and the hotel performance is monitored. Finally, students will operate their own hotel in a simulated environment, competing against each other and challenging their own innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities.

Why should you choose this study field?

This program is the perfect choice for high school graduates (A-level degree, Matura, Abitur, or equivalent) who have already gained practical education in the tourism and hospitality industry prior to entering the program (via apprenticeship, vocational school, associate degrees, etc.) if their primary focus is to pursue a career in the hotel industry.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management with a major in Hotel Management* covers general business administration and managerial knowledge including human resources, marketing, finance, business informatics, economics and financial management, law and communication, and tourism and hospitality management, as well as courses specifically focused on hotel management.

The strong focus on innovative information communication technology and sustainable management strategies is unique for undergraduate university degrees in Central Europe. The values based educational concept with individual mentoring sharpens the students’ critical thinking capacities and enables them to systematically assess the working activities of a manager. Courses on current industry trends industry keep students on top of recent developments. A compulsory internship of 900 hours (approximately 4-6 months) during the BBA program enables students to gain first-hand practical experience in a national or international company.


The bachelor programs share a common body of knowledge covering fundamentals of management and business administration, such as financial management, human resources, marketing, information technology, and economics. The Bachelor of Business Administration programs allow students to deepen their knowledge of the tourism, hospitality, or events industry and includes an internship which provides the opportunity to integrate theoretical concepts in a professional environment and to reflect on professional practice. The Bachelor of Science program is designed to particularly foster research and scholarly skills and to advance business knowledge in international management, entrepreneurship and governance, or interactive marketing

The Bachelor of Science is a three-year business management degree where you will gain state-of-the-art management competencies and leadership skills in an international context. If you have career aspirations in marketing, sales and public relations, finance, human resource management, or want to start your own business this program would be the ideal choice. You will learn how to develop and implement management strategies, deal with organizational issues related to international business, and manage projects and teams in a global environment. This program approaches international management from various angles including business theory, professional relationships, and problem-solving skills to prepare you for day-to-day management practice.

Why should you choose these programs?

  • You will profit from the latest trends and innovations by studying at the only research university in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland offering accredited degrees in the area of tourism and hospitality management
  • You have the possibility to choose between different study fields in the areas of event management, hotel management, and tourism management 
  • You will gain profound knowledge and hands-on experience from industry leaders and academic experts in tourism and hospitality management
  • Strong industry ties put your career on the right track through exceptional mentoring and career partner programs (including a 900 hour internship)

Core Courses:

Business and Management Fundamentals:
Sustainable business success is almost always deeply rooted in a manager’s profound knowledge of business and management fundamentals. In this module you will build a solid foundation in financial management, business administration including human resource management and marketing, economics, and European business law. 

Communication and Personal Development:
This module will enhance your ability to convey your business ideas and research findings in a professional way. You will learn about different forms of business communication, improve your presentation skills and academic writing, and boost your communication abilities. To keep up in the ever-changing business environment, you will learn the key concepts and principles of problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, creativity, and teamwork.

An internship is a supervised, practical training period where you will earn academic credit for approved work experience. Through a 900 hour internship, you will gain first-hand knowledge of the tourism, hospitality and events industries.

3 different Study Fields:

  • Event Management
  • Tourism Management 
  • Hotel Management (your Choice)
  • Hotel Management and Operations


For direct entry to our Bachelor degree programs, we usually require students from Austria to have successfully completed their secondary education: Matura

Applicants with an equivalent nationally recognized school leaving certificate are invited to apply and will be assessed on an individual basis.

We require math to be a part of any secondary school leaving certificate.

Bachelor English Test Requirements:
All applicants whose first language is not English must provide proof of their English proficiency level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages through one of the following tests taken within the last two years. 
Exceptions may be granted by the Admissions Committee if an applicant has completed at least two years of secondary or higher education in the English language. 

We accept:
TOEFL Internet-Based Test 76 points (preferred minimum of 22 points in writing).
IELTS band score 6.0 (no sub-score below 5.5 and a preferred minimum of 6.0 in writing).  
Cambridge Certificate (First Certificate in English preferred minimum grade B).
Other equivalent English proficiency tests will be assessed on an individual basis.

Foundation Program:
Applicants who do not meet our admissions requirements for direct entry into the Bachelor degree programs may consider applying for our Foundation Program.

International School Leaving Certificates:
Applicants who have successfully completed their secondary education in an international school system should refer to our “International School Requirements” document in our Bachelor Admissions Requirements by Country.

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