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Letztes Update: 14.04.2021
Bereich: Management und Verwaltung 315
Umfang 4 Semester / 120 ECTS
Abschluss: Master of Science (MSc)
Kosten: prinzipiell keine Studiengebühr

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Über das Studium:

A multi-national Master's degree program offering a unique experience by studying over nine months in three different countries with fellow students of diverse nationalities and different cultural backgrounds. 

The TROIKA program consists of a national year at Johannes Kepler University (JKU) in Linz and an international year at all three partner universities (HSE, Higher School of Economics Nizhny Novgorod; JKU Linz; UniBG, Università degli Studi di Bergamo). Through its special design and structure, the program prepares you to pursue a career in international management. What this program offers you:

  • Russian, Italian, and Austrian business contexts. You will spend approximately three months in Russia, Italy, and Austria and local business practices. As you will work on business projects in cooperation with Austrian and Russian companies, you can gain some practical and first-hand experience.
  • Global mindset and intercultural competence. This program provides you with a unique opportunity to develop a global mindset and to strengthen your social and cultural skill sets. Cultural sensitivity training, mandatory courses in a second foreign language, and working closely with international classmates from different countries allows you to embrace diversity and cultural differences.
  • Personal development. The TROIKA program is a life-enriching experience that fosters the development of your personality. It has a lasting impact in regard to your levels of tolerance, ambiguity, openness, and flexibility - characteristics that are highly valued within the field of international management.


Diesen Fächern begegnest du u.a. im Studienplan:

Advanced Finance, Advances Management Competence, Business Context, Change Management, Corporate Finance, Cultural Awareness, Cultural Context, Economic Context, Financial Accounting, General Management Competence, HRM, International Business Projects, Language Skills English, Managerial Accounting, Marketing, Methods in Management Research, Organization, Strategic Management


Master's Program Structure

The program is divided into two sections:

National Year
During the national year of the program, you study at your home university. At the JKU, you  attend courses in general management and business, research methods, and take English language classes throughout semester one and two of the program. We also strongly recommend that you begin working on your Master's thesis during the first year of the program. You can choose 6 out of 8 management subjects. You attend these subjects together with students of other Master’s programs. This enables you to make contacts and exchange ideas with other students.

International Year
Each year, approximately 10 students are selected from each university. During the international year of the program, students from all three partner universities will spend three months in Russia, Austria, and Italy, and study together in one class. The program starts in Russia in October, moves on to Austria, and then concludes in Italy in June. Local faculty members from each of the three universities teach the program courses.

During the international year, the joint study program includes courses in international finance, economic and business context, cultural awareness, global governance and advanced management competences, as well as language classes in Russian, Italian, or German. Aside from theoretical input, you will also have an opportunity to work at companies on real-world business projects within culturally diverse groups during your stay in Bergamo. This has become one of the highlights of the program.

Successful Completion of the Joint Master's Degree Program
After the joint study period, you return home to take final examinations and complete a thesis as required by your home university. Your home university will award the degree. The diploma indicates that the program was offered in cooperation by all three universities. At the JKU, you will be conferred with the title Master of Science (MSc) in Global Business.


Recommended Study Plan

As part of the Master’s degree program, you are required to complete courses totaling 120 ECTS credits in the following areas (for detailed information about the courses visit our Study Guide or our Recommended Study Plan). You can either start with national or international year courses.

National Year

  • General Management Competence (6 out of 8 modules)
  • Language Skills English
  • Methods in Management Research
  • Master Thesis and Master Thesis Seminar


International Year

  • Advanced Finance (Russia)
  • Advanced Management Competence (all locations)
  • Cultural Awareness (all locations)
  • International Business Projects (Italy)
  • Cultural, Economic and Business Context (all locations)
  • Language Skills II (Russian, German, Italian) (all locations)


Partner Universities
The Troika program takes place at the Higher School of Economics in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, and the University of Bergamo, Italy. The program prepares you to pursue careers in a global environment. You spend approximately three months in each country and focus on business practices in Russia, Austria, and Italy.


Double Degree Option
The JKU and HSE offer you the option to earn a double degree, meaning earning a second Master's degree from the other respective university (MA at HSE, MSc at JKU). In order to be able to complete the double degree program, you must fulfill the following requirements: 

  • Successful completion of the international year
  • Outstanding academic performance in the program
  • Prepare, translate, and verify documents
  • Complete an 8-week internship (in Russia or Austria)
  • Write a second Master's thesis
  • Take additional business courses

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: [email protected]


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