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Letztes Update: 16.12.2019
Bereich: Elektrizität und Energie 39
Umfang 4 Semster / 120 ECTS
Studienplätze: 23 / Jahr
Abschluss: Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)
Kosten: gesetzl. Studiengebühr (363,30€ pro Semester)


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Über das Studium:

The Master of Sustainable Energy Systems programme is designed to provide students from various engineering disciplines with a deeper understanding on how to develop, plan and market efficient technologies for sustainable energy production and conversion, while also equipping students with the necessary skills in order to become an international engineer.

The core of the programme is focused around renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics, wind, hydropower, and biomass, and how to use them efficiently. As such, the programme provides students with both a technical and practical approach that is needed when dealing with a variety of different issues. For example, you would have the appropriate skills in order to communicate with a process engineer at the steel manufacturing plant or solar facility, and would be able to accurately provide an energy-efficient (saving) solution.   

Berufsaussichten / Jobs:

The focus of the programme is built around the principles on how to manage the demand for safe, cost-efficient sustainable energy systems. Therefore, the curriculum contains courses that will enrich a students’ knowledge in areas such as the utilisation of sustainable energy resources, energy systems and distribution, both in terms of technical knowledge and practical skill development. Furthermore, courses covering topics such as the business of energy, legal frameworks, both EU and international regulations, and the ecological evaluation of energy flows will be examined in detail.

Due to the international scope of this programme, a part of the courses will be focused on international negotiation, intercultural communication and adaptation, and the development of language skills. Together with courses that will strengthen our students’ soft skills as well as a module on business administration, this study programme will enable graduates to produce, distribute and develop goods and consult companies in terms of projects in the area of power engineering and sustainable energy in an (inter)national field.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Combine technical know-how with economic principles
  • Implement and manage research projects according to modern management methods
  • Consult banks/insurance companies on matters containing civil law, contract law, business law, patent law, competition regulations and liabilities issues

Graduates will work as (senior) Engineers or project leaders in the field of energy efficiency, in which they will be able to identify potential energy-saving and/or energy efficiency or project planning, and the realisation of sustainable energy power plants. Graduates of this programme will be able to find jobs in:

  • Energy-intensive industries such as utility companies
  • Energy consulting
  • Energy Engineering for systems (e.g. in power plants or photovoltaics)
  • Fields of energy technology

 Graduates’ tasks could be:

  • Planning and understanding large-scale energy generators, working with wind-power, hydro-power
  • Identification of energy saving potential through optimisation and recommendation of appropriate products/systems
  • Implementation of energy efficient projects
  • Operating and maintaining energy systems


abgeschlossenes facheinschlägiges Bachelorstudium (180 ECTS Punkte), gute Englischkenntnisse


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