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Letztes Update: 23.11.2020
Bereich: Datenbanken, Netzwerkdesign und -administration 156, Medizinische Diagnostik und Behandlungstechnik 30
Umfang 4 Semester / 120 ECTS
Studienplätze: 20 / Jahr
Abschluss: Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)
Kosten: gesetzl. Studiengebühr (363,30€ pro Semester)
Website: https://www.fh-kaernten.a...

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Über das Studium:

The Master degree study program ‘Health Care IT’ was developed with the vision and goal to meet the information technology as well as the organizational development requirements and challenges in the healthcare sector.  Our students will learn to deal with these challenges through a thorough practice-oriented university education.

The core competence of the degree study program is the deepening of the fundamental understanding of the technical and organizational requirements within the information and communication technologies in the healthcare sector. Successful careers for our graduates are practically guaranteed through the acquired skill sets which can be put to use in solving the current requirements necessary in the fields of medical informatics, medical engineering and healthcare economics as well as future technical challenges.

Within the master degree program Health Care IT, students can concentrate on one of the following two areas of specialization:

Medical Engineering and Image Processing
The area of emphasis Life Science Technology focuses on topics in the area of medical engineering research and development. A special field of interest in this context is medical imaging systems and the resulting medical image processing.  This career field provides an especially interesting interface between technology, organization and medicine.

Health Informatics
The master study degree program HCIT emphasis Health Care Management & Economics connects business administration skills sets and know-how with (medical) technical expertise. Students receive a broad, yet specialized, view of the implementation of information technology and engineering as well as the organizational structures and processes in the healthcare sector.


Diesen Fächern begegnest du u.a. im Studienplan:

Anatomie, Biochemie, Bioinformatik, Database Management, Discrete Signal Processing, Englisch, Healthcare Information Systems, IT-Security, Logistik, Management of Medical Information Systems, Medical Engineering, Medical Image Processing, Medical Law, Medical Statistics, Physiologie, Qualitätsmanagement, Robotics, Telemedizin


Engineering & IT is an unbelievably fascinating field of applied sciences. This area is characterized mainly by creativity, innovation and design. Engineering & IT is furthermore a rapidly developing area, crucial for the economic development of a region.

The students of the School of Engineering & IT should demonstrate strengths in the following areas:

  • technical understanding,
  • reasoning power,
  • good English, mathematics and computer skills,
  • creativity,
  • enjoyment of innovative developments.

The Bachelor Degree Programs of the CUAS School of Engineering & IT can generally be sought without subject-specific educational background. Lots of interest, commitment and of course the possession of a general university entrance qualification are sufficient.


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The Master degree study program “Health Care IT” enables graduates to successfully face the challenges in the healthcare sector. Equipped with technical and medical knowledge they are sought-after by a wide variety of potential employers in the health care industry. The program also prepares them for upcoming social issues like Active and Assisted Living (AAL) and Instrumental Activities of daily Living (iADL), which become more and more important as we are moving towards an aging society.

Students benefit from practical trainings in dedicated laboratories and work there in small groups. Two areas of specialization allow them to further deepen their interests: Medical Engineering and Image Processing or Health Informatics can be chosen over the course of the degree program. Thanks to strong cooperation with the Health Care sector, the program is able to invite professionals and experts as guest lecturers.

Graduates of the master degree program Health Care IT are able to:

  • comprehend, analyze and remodel processes in medicine, nursing and Management,
  • develop and implement QM systems in healthcare,
  • retrieve their detailed knowledge of the conception, design and functionality of healthcare information systems in order to design such Systems,
  • describe the interaction of economics success, technology , processes and quality in healthcare,
  • plan and use indicators for the implementation of corporate guidelines in the areas of procurement, planning an d development,
  • present functioning, theoretical principles and technical implementation of medical devices,
  • list application possibilities of mobile systems in healthcare and analyze, conceptualize and design applications of such Systems,
  • design, implement and evaluate medical studies in cooperation with medic.

Berufsaussichten / Jobs:

Depending on the previous education (Bachelor of Medical Information Technology or a different IT Bachelor program) of our graduates, the career fields and qualification profile of a Health Care IT graduate will naturally vary. Characteristically for this Master degree, the following qualifications, skills and knowledge fall in the following areas:


  • Informatics and medical informatics
  • Medical engineering
  • Healthcare telematics
  • Telemedicine
  • Healthcare economics
  • Hospital Management

Organizational Consulting

  • Process analysis & optimization in Health Care
  • Project management, change management
  • Business management methodology

Professional Insight

  • Medical specialized vocabulary
  • Understanding of medical decision-making (diagnosis, therapies), clinical pathways
  • Understanding of care processes and care standards
  • Knowledge of generic hospital processes and information requirements of medicine, care and administration.
  • Quality management
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Statistics (SAS, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Clinical trials and studies
  • Understanding of the requirements in the areas of scientific research and logistics.


  • Development of an IT strategy and comprehension of the specific demands in hospitals (scaleability, high accessibility, integration, etc.)
  • IT architechture
  • Interface standards (HL7, DICOM. IHE, CEN, etc.)
  • Medical engineering and medical devices
  • Management skills for IT supervisors
  • Knowledge of professional it processes (ITIL or ITPM – such as planning, operation, SLAs, etc.)


In order to be admitted into a master degree program at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences at least one of the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • completion of a bachelor of arts/science degree that corresponds to the respective master degree program
  • completion of an equivalent degree program at a recognized Austrian or an international post-secondary institution of higher education 

Later submission of required documents

Persons in their last semester of their bachelor degree programs may apply for a study place in a master degree program by submitting their most current transcript of records.  The completion of the bachelor degree program certificates must be submitted during the registration process at the beginning of the semester.

The students of the School of Engineering & IT should demonstrate strengths in the following areas:

  • technical understanding,
  • reasoning power,
  • good English, mathematics and computer skills,
  • creativity,
  • enjoyment of innovative developments.

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