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Letztes Update: 06.03.2019
Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschaft
Umfang 4 Semester / 120 ECTS
Studienplätze: 30 / Jahr
Abschluss: Master of Arts in Business (MA)
Kosten: gesetzl. Studiengebühr (363,30€ pro Semester)

Über das Studium:

With an ever-changing business environment and development of new approaches for building skills necessary for success in modern International Marketing, the Master Degree Programme in International Marketing offers a new study plan, effective winter term 2018/19!
In order to prepare you well for the demanding and dynamically changing workplace of the 21st century, you need increasingly strong management skills, sound social skills and an in-depth knowledge of English. In addition, you will gain valuable exposure to:

  • Management in Smart Industries
  • Corporate Digitalisation
  • Sustainable Company Management

A business practice project, carried out for and with companies and set within the broad field of marketing, aims at practicing the modern tools of marketing within a real business environment. Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world after English, is now available on an optional basis. Welcome to tomorrow’s business world with the new Master Degree Programme in International Marketing!

The Master Degree Programme in International Marketing offers:

  • All professional competencies needed to meet the requirements for demanding activities in the area of international marketing: from the strategic development to the practical application
  • The complete personal skill set needed to successfully fulfil management tasks
  • Professional handling of the challenges posed by corporate digitalization
  • Personal confidence for dealing with clients from different cultures and countries
  • Excellent professional English
  • Spanish skills on an optional basis

The Master Degree Programme in International Marketing was designed for people keen to take on leadership and managerial roles in the future and who would like to extend their activities to global markets and/or to enhance their foreign activities, regardless of the size or sector of the company.


Diesen Fächern begegnest du u.a. im Studienplan:

Beschwerdemanagement, Budgeting and Controlling in International Marketing, Business Ethics, Business Intelligence, Challenges of National and International Economic Policies, Consumer Behaviour, Corporate Strategic Planning Simulations, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Value Management, E-Marketing, Entering Foreign Markets, Financing and Promotion of Export Business, HRM, Induktionsveranstaltung, Innovationsmanagement, International Aspects of Product and Category Management, International Product and Branding Policy, Knowledge and Change Management, Konfliktmanagement, Kreativitätstechniken, Management Models and Styles, Product and Service Innovations, Strategic and Organisational Aspects of International Expansion, Strategies and Techniques for Successful Meetings, Strategisches Management, Supply Chain Management



International marketing managers play a key role in company strategy development. This includes the preparation of international-oriented positioning, market and product strategies as well as preparing the implementation of these strategies in global markets. In addition to fundamental marketing expertise, self-organisation capacities and problem-solving skills, together with conflict management and cooperation skills, are of the utmost importance.

The Master Degree Programme in International Marketing was therefore designed for people keen to take on leadership and managerial roles in the future and who would like to extend their activities to global markets and/or to enhance their foreign activities, regardless of the size or sector of the company. Necessary personal skills are honed in a seminar series on management development.


Due to increasing market internationalisation and liberalisation, Masters in International Marketing are in great demand from companies active worldwide. Intercultural aspects of the job set high standards for future managers as regards technical and personal skills. An international marketer is clearly also able to execute marketing agendas for the local market.

Potential roles for Masters in International Marketing include:

  • Head of Marketing Department
  • Marketing Project Manager (market entry, product introduction)
  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Senior Export Executive
  • Marketing Controller

Potential areas of activity for graduates of the Master Degree Programme in International Marketing:

  • Strategy development and strategy implementation for developing and expanding international markets
  • Conception and structuring of marketing activities for products, brands and markets
  • Conception and management of online and mobile marketing activities
  • International branding policy
  • Professional customer relationship and complaint management
  • Product and category management
  • Marketing planning and controlling
  • Professional intercultural customer communication
  • Managing and operating a marketing and/or communication department
  • Public Relations

Berufsaussichten / Jobs:

Die zunehmende Internationalisierung und Liberalisierung macht International Marketer zu gefragten MitarbeiterInnen. Der interkulturelle Aspekt der Tätigkeit stellt hohe Ansprüche an die Führungskräfte der Zukunft – sowohl in fachlicher als auch in persönlicher Hinsicht. Ein International Marketer kann selbstverständlich auch die Marketingagenden für den Heimmarkt ausführen.

Mögliche Tätigkeits- bzw. Berufsfelder für Master International Marketing:

  • Leitung der Abteilung Marketing

  • Leitung von Marketingprojekten (Markteintritt, Produkteinführung)

  • Product ManagerIn

  • Brand ManagerIn

  • Customer Relationship ManagerIn

  • Leitende/r MitarbeiterIn im Export

  • Marketing ControllerIn


The admission criterion for the Master Degree Programme in International Marketing is a completed, subject-relevant Bachelor or Diploma degree programme from a recognised, postsecondary academic institution in Austria or abroad.

The two-level system of academic training (Bachelor’s and Master’s) also allows graduates from other degree programmes and other home and foreign universities of applied sciences to study a Master’s degree at CAMPUS 02.

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