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Letztes Update: 24.05.2019
Umfang at least 6 semesters / 3 years
Abschluss: PhD in Educational Sciences (issued by Universities Ljubljana and Sarajevo)
Kosten: kostenpflichtig
Website: http://www.fh-burgenland....

Über das Studium:

The new International Cooperative Cross-Border Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Educational & Communication Sciences started in the fall 2017. 

The international doctoral programme is presently in the process of notification with the AQ Austria according to § 27 HS-QSG and will be jointly offered by university institutions internationally known for their academic excellence and holders of the prestigious accreditation: University Ljubljana, Faculty of Education, International University Burch Sarajevo, University of Mostar and Unicersity North. All partner universities are long-established high ranked universities entitled to award doctoral and post doctoral degrees and qualifications.
The doctoral study programme is a three-year, part-time research programme providing the perfect fit for educational and communication professionals who want to apply state-of-the art research knowledge and academic skills to contemporary  problems at their workplace. The programme offers a premium executive development track designed to be both academically rigorous and intellectually inspiring.



  • part-time studies to be completed within a minimum of 3 years (6 semesters, 180 ECTS); to complete the doctoral dissertation a student may take up to five years from the date the Consortium accepts his/her research proposal
  • language of tuition: English
  • renowned and distinguished academics and professionals of highly acclaimed universities
  • individual and group tutorial face2face sessions
  • international research cooperations


After the successful completion of all exams and programme requirements, doctoral students are awarded the internationally recognised highest academic degree on behalf of all partner universities. The academic degree is internationally recognized.

The International Cooperative Cross Border  Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Educational & Communication Sciences was submitted to the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ) in accordance with § 27 para. 1 and registered by the AQ in accordance with § 27 para. 6 HS-QSG. The registration of the programme in accordance with § 27 para. 6 HS-QSG does not ascertain equivalence with Austrian study programmes and similar Austrian academic degrees. Graduates awarded with an academic degree from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are entitled to use it in accordance with § 88 para. 1 of the 2002 law governing universities. The academic degrees jointly awarded by the participating universities are therefore recognised foreign degrees in Austria and may be used in official documents in accordance with § 88 para. 1a of the 2002 law governing universities.


The International Cooperative Cross-Border PhD Programme addresses candidates in qualified professional positions, preferably with a background in the educational or communication field who wish to obtain a doctoral degree based on advanced applied research.

The International Cooperative Cross-Border PhD Programme is open to applicants who

  • hold a Diploma or Master’s degree (5 years) or equivalent degree issued by an officially accredited university or institution of higher education (e.g.: University of Applied Sciences)
  • submit complete application documents, including a statement of personal motivation and a description of the intended research orientation;
  • have at least two years of qualified professional experience
  • master English on at least C1-level
  • and successfully pass the admission process.

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