Post-doctoral positions in NEUROSCIENCE: Molecular identity of neuronal circuits in hypothalamus

Center for Brain Research / MedUni Vienna

The Harkany laboratory is looking for two talented and committed post-doctoral fellows to spearhead specific scientific themes within an ERC-funded work program. Focal points of research include: i) cellular diversity in the mammalian hypothalamus and molecular signaling pathways in stress, as well as ii) the study of Ca2+-sensor proteins. These topics are centered on a series of publications (Romanov et al., Nat. Neurosci. (2017), EMBOJ (2015), Fuzik et al., Nat Biotech (2016) and others). Applicants are expected to work with single-cell RNA-seq (experiments and data), genetic models for neuronal lineage tracing and optogenetic monitoring of cellular activity, in vivo and in vitro pharmacology. Expertise with electrophysiology, opto-/chemogenetics and light-sheet microscopy is an advantage. Successful applicants will be embedded in a vibrant and competitive environment with strong infrastructural support. Both positions are open for 3 years on the basis of performance-based annual renewals. Interests can be expressed (including CV and 2 letters of references) via email (to Ms. Anna Exinger ( until January 31, 2018.



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